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Do you provide employment assistance to clients but don’t have enough resources to adequately help them? I understand. I’ve worked in both Workforce Development and Career Services for years, and the ratio between clients and employees has always been overwhelming. If you’re tired of trying to meet the needs of your caseload alone, why not hire a contractor who is a Certified Professional Resume Writer with years of experience working with thousands of job seekers? Career SkyRocket can provide comprehensive training to those that you support. We offer a wide range of services that can be customized to fit your individual needs.

Benefits to You:

Save Money – Companies that use consultants save money by not having to pay high health insurance premiums, unemployment, or Social Security benefits. They also don’t have to pay for employee training.

No Strain on Company Resources – With contractors you won’t have to worry about using company resources. In most cases, contractors are completely self-sufficient.

Save Time – No one needs to manage the consultant on a full-time basis. The time saved that would have been used to manage someone can then be allocated to other important tasks.

Flexibility – As an added bonus, hiring consultants gives companies staffing flexibility—when the workload is down they can adjust accordingly.

Professional—At Career SkyRocket we believe in continued learning. You can rest assured that your clients will be working with individuals that are up-to-date on the latest practices in the field.



What Makes us Effective?

1. Desire For Helping People Find Their Passion

I love helping people find passion and direction in their careers. How do I accomplish this?

• Listening – I listen to people very intently to find out what they are truly zealous about. People love talking about themselves, and my ability to ask the right questions helps me to pinpoint activities they enjoy.

• Resources – I have many effective resources including self-assessments, utilizing family and friends, and activities that allow them to get in the environment they desire to be in.

2. Coaching – One-on-one career coaching is provided for each client. My approach is called the Targeted Relational Approach. This approach goes back to the old ways of conducting a job search when people used to be able to have direct interactions with Hiring Managers. It focuses on targeting companies as opposed to using job boards, networking with industry professionals, and having direct interactions with hiring managers and recruiters. Take a look at the graph below to get a better understanding of this approach.


3. Great Resume & Cover- Letter Writing – As a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches, I know what is needed to create effective documents that secure interviews. My approach is very different from the traditional way of writing resumes. You won’t find boring traditional writing in 3rd person in none of my documents. We break the rules and utilize 1st person instead, since it allows the reader to connect with the candidate in 1st person language. We also send non-traditional cover-letters that grab the reader’s attention immediately. We conduct extensive research on companies of interest, finding out who the actual Hiring Manager is and addressing the letter to them directly. We then begin the letter by highlighting a specific accomplishment associated with their company to grab the reader’s attention and position our clients as the solution to the problems they may be facing. Once the Resume & Cover-Letter is developed we send them directly to the Hiring Manager using snail mail, email, or LinkedIn. We don’t rely on online applications, or job boards which are black holes for resumes, we go directly to the source.

4. Partnership Between Coach & Client – At Career SkyRocket LLC we don’t just show our clients how to find the hiring manager, we partner with them in getting it in front of the people responsible for hiring as well. We refer our client’s resumes to hiring managers as well. Clients also get one-on-one weekly strategy meetings that can be conducted via phone, or skype.

5. Online Resources– (Workshops, Trainings, Video’s) – We take a proactive approach to working with our clients. Webinars and trainings are offered at least once a month. A plethora of topics related to career development and conducting an effective job search are offered. Along with the webinars 2 and 4 week trainings are offered on subjects like conducting an effective job search, finding your passion, acing the job interview, using social media in the job search, negotiating salaries, and many other career development topics. Videos on these topics can be found on our website 24 hours a day as well.

6. Employer Partnerships – We strategically partner with businesses in the community in an effort to help our clients find the jobs they deserve.


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