Things to Take On a Job Interview That Will Leave a Lasting Impression

We all have been on job interviews at some point our lives. Job interviews tend to make people feel nervous and uneasy. They worry about what to expect, what to wear, what to say, and what they should they take with them. We have all heard the basics of what to take on a job [...]

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Tips for Introverts to Overcome the Fear of Networking

I have the pleasure of working with clients from a multitude of industries, all with their own unique personality types. Some of my clients have expressed to me that they are naturally introverted and believe that when they are interviewing, networking, or contacting employers, they come across as shy or not as confident as they [...]

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6 Characteristics of Resumes That Get Results

There has been much written on resumes and what is needed to have an effective one. I wanted to write a different synopsis from the standpoint of a career coach. From my experience as a job seeker as well as a career coach I see six basic characteristics of resumes that get results. Results in [...]

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Job Security in Professional Sports & How It Relates To Everyday Job Seekers

 Job Security in Professional Sports & How It Relates To Everyday Job SeekersI am a sports fanatic, and I especially follow all Detroit sports teams. With the announcement that the Detroit Lions have hired a new coach for the 2014 season and four other teams hiring head coaches, it made me wonder how I could [...]

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Tips For Conducting an Active Job Search While Employed

 Kobe Bryant is arguably one of the most gifted players the NBA has ever seen. But what elevates him above other great players is his mental toughness combined with his ability to focus. You can be great at many things but if you lack focus it can hinder you from producing the best results. Let’s [...]

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Why Feedback Is So Important To Your Jobsearch

If you have been applying for jobs for a while without success, it may be a good idea to seek feedback from the employers at places you have applied to. The feedback that you get from these employers can be a vital piece that you are missing that is keeping you from getting the job [...]

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How To Show Leadership When You Lack the Title

If you are looking for a leadership or supervisory role in your field, but lack the prerequisite of prior supervisory experience, it can be a challenge to find your desired position. Most job descriptions will usually require 1-3 years of experience at a minimum, where you function as the supervisory authority.  Often times the qualifications are even [...]

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When Moving Is Not an Option: Adjusting To The Labor Market You Are In

  Residing in states outside of the realm of your chosen career field can pose serious issues. Take for instance the fields of fashion and game design. There is not a lot of opportunity relating to these careers in my hometown of Michigan; Most people opt to move to the east coast or to the [...]

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Knowing Your Values & How They Relate To Your Career

Knowing your values are extremely important in life, and immensely significant when thinking about a career move or starting a business. We all have values but often times don’t take the time to sit down and really evaluate how those values relate to our careers. When I was a young college student, I switched majors [...]

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