“I’m not good enough”

“No one will ever give me a chance”

“All we do is work, weekends are way too short”

Do these sound like statements you have mad lately? No matter what negative things come out of your mouth, before you say them, they first occur in your mind. I didn’t realize just how much of a challenge it is to maintain a positive attitude throughout the day until about two days ago. I woke up in a crappy mood. Although I had nothing to complain or be upset about, I felt irritated. It seemed that every thought that came to my mind was negative. My food wasn’t good enough, people were driving too slow in traffic, I dreaded cutting the grass. Then my thoughts drifted to my training in Brain Based Coaching and I began to change my thoughts. If you don’t realize the influence that negative thoughts can have (not only on your day but your life), you won’t actively monitor your thoughts and things can quickly spiral out of control.

A quote that has quickly become one of my favorite is:

Here are a few tips to help with keeping a positive mind and battling the negative thoughts that attempt to take over.

Offer Immediate Rebuttals To Negative thoughts

In order to offer resistance against the negative thoughts that try to invade your mind, you must take the time to pay attention to your thoughts. In one of my older articles, I spoke about the effects of negative self-talk. A brief summary supported by research says that our brains are “primed” to look for the things we expect. Beliefs are formed from repeated thoughts/emotions, whether positive or negative. Therefore, the brain filters out evidence that doesn’t align with beliefs. “What we think about grows” is one of the popular quotes from the career coaching training I recently participated in. So we have to watch what we are thinking. The definition of watch is to look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time. Watch is a verb and thus infers action.

Recite Positive Affirmations

The key to a successful day starts in your mind. In the quote above, we see how things can spiral out of control if you don’t actively monitor your thoughts. Saying you will have a good day every morning isn’t enough. You must actively monitor your thoughts throughout the day as well. Think of some things that you are thankful for and take some time to recite them every morning. If possible, write down a list of things you appreciate. If the only thing you have to complain about is not getting enough sleep or being held up in traffic, I’d say you are doing pretty good compared to things that are happening in the world. You would be surprised the impact that reciting positive affirmations can have on your thoughts and your body.

Be Mindful/Strategic About What You Put In Your Mind

My son sings a song called Input Output in the church choir. The words to the song are as follows: input output what goes in is what comes out, input output your mind is a computer whose input output, daily you must choose. What you put into your mind is what will come out. So what are you putting into your mind? What kinds of books, television shows, and conversations are you having? Are your conversations negative and unproductive? Do you choose to focus on things that are wrong and skim over the many things that are right? More importantly, have your thoughts tuned into negative actions?

Many years ago I had no idea about the impact negative thoughts could have on your life. I worked a job that I didn’t necessarily enjoy. My thoughts started with things like “this place could use some changes”. My thoughts later progressed to “this place sucks”. I began talking to colleagues who shared my negative feelings about the organization and eventually my actions began to match my words. I quit my job without having another job in place and it ultimately put my wife and I in a bad position. I learned from that situation and thankfully I now know the importance of monitoring and controlling my thoughts. My actions have changed since then.

In conclusion, fill your mind with positive thoughts, uplifting conversations, and associate with people who have a positive outlook. Otherwise, you just might find yourself in a bad situation.

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