You Want Me To Do What? Am I Guaranteed A Position?

//You Want Me To Do What? Am I Guaranteed A Position?

You Want Me To Do What? Am I Guaranteed A Position?

The cost of hiring the wrong employee is very high. With this being said, I understand why companies do a thorough interview process in an attempt to find the right candidates for open positions. However, some of the requests I have heard of from companies during the interview process is downright crazy!
You want me to try and sale your product at places where I have no contacts using my own car and gas? No thank you! This means I will have to take a vacation day off work if I am working, for a company that I have no guarantee I will be offered a position, and even if I am offered a position, I may not like the offer. I have heard of people being told to put together a presentation that they will present to members of the executive team.
These types of practices to me seem like a person auditioning for a circus act. Will they request that you swallow fire, or do a magic trick next?
The bigger issue is the relationship that exists between companies and people who may be interested in working for the company. Interviews are not situations where the company is supposed to put potential employees through a series of tests and questions with the intention of weeding people out and hiring the person they hate the least. It’s an opportunity for both sides to get to know more about each other and how they both can benefit by coming together. People tend to think that they have no power during the hiring process and allow companies to subject them to crazy practices just to learn that they will not be offered a position.
So What To Do?
Know that you are a valuable asset to a company. Be confident enough in yourself to say no to silly requests. Here’s an example of how to handle an outlandish request for free labor during the interview process.
Hiring Manager: Before we move forward in the process, we have a few requests that must be completed to be considered for this position with our company.
Prospective Employee: Okay, what are the requests?
Hiring Manger: In order to gauge how effective our sales people will be in the field, we have all prospective employees go into the field, contact potential customers, and pitch them our products. They usually submit a report about their progress via email , the hiring team reviews the report, then we decide if we want to move forward with another interview.
Prospective Employee: Hmmm. This sounds like a bit much for an interview process. This does not guarantee me the position? Who will pay for my gas, and time off work since I am currently employed?
Hiring Manager: The applicant is responsible for all costs associated. This will not guarantee you a position or even a second interview. We do this to be sure that we hire only the best candidates for the position. It’s a mandatory process to be considered for any position with our company. Are you not willing to do this assignment?
Prospective Employee: I am very intrigued by the open position, and from my research your company seemed like a pretty good place to work for. I was under the impression that we were going to sit down and talk so I can learn more about your organization, and you can learn more about me. You can see on my resume that I have all the qualifications you desire, I have been a top performer in sales for over 15 years. I can’t take off work, pay for gas to travel to an unknown place, barge in on people that don’t know I am coming, just for the chance that I will be invited to a second interview. I will have to pass on this opportunity, but if you ever are willing to bypass this assignment, I would be willing to meet with you.
It’s just that simple. Companies who see you as an asset to their company won’t go out of their way to put you through the ringer. They will be ready to communicate what they have to offer and listen to what you can bring to enhance what they do. Don’t be afraid to walk away if you feel like a company is asking too much from you during the interview process without a guarantee of employment.

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