You Just Won the Lottery Jackpot: What’s Next For Your Career?

//You Just Won the Lottery Jackpot: What’s Next For Your Career?

You Just Won the Lottery Jackpot: What’s Next For Your Career?

I love asking people if they won millions of dollars from playing the lottery what they would do for a career. The answers I’ve received have been awesome thus far. Most people say they would pay off debt, travel, spend time with family, give money to family and friends, support charities, and buy things they’ve always wanted. We all would do these things; I am more interested in what people would do after they have got all the initial spending out of the way. Would you quit your job or continue working? Start a business? Stay at home and do absolutely nothing? Donate money & volunteer to help others?

If I won, I would not change careers, but I wouldn’t work for a company either. I would invest in my business and create and run a community program in the city I live. This may come as a shock some, but I actually love working. I do what I love each and every day and I would continue to practice as a Career Coach, always striving to get better at my craft, and using my skills to help others daily. I am inspired to help as many people as possible find their passion and pursue it. Nothing would change as it relates to what I am passionate about and pursuing, I would just have the funds to make it come to fruition sooner than I expected.

As it relates to work, the phrases “I would quit my job immediately” or “I would probably go into something else” is what I hear most often. When I ask people why they don’t pursue a career in the area they are truly passionate about, they always have an excuse for why the time is not right. They may say they are putting their children through college, or they just don’t know where to would start. We often are willing to tolerate things that we don’t like in order to provide for our families. I totally understand that everything doesn’t line up the way we want all the time. Honestly, our work life takes up the majority of our day, so why not spend it doing something that we love?

We don’t have time to waste so do what you love every day. This is a great question to ask yourself because it allows you to think solely about what you would do for happiness. Money does not equate to happiness. But not having to work and toil for money to survive allows for focus. After you have answered the question of what you would spend your new found wealth on, you still have to figure out what you would like to do with your time each day. I have a love for fast cars and traveling, but I could not travel everyday. I would still need to be productive, and that’s what most people realize when they answer this question. Once you have decided what to spend money on, the answer to what you will do next is usually what you are most passionate about.

My challenge to everyone who reads this post is to ask yourself what you would do if you suddenly had all the money you would ever need. Of course you will buy things we all would, but then what? How would you spend your time everyday? Whatever the answer is to that question, start working towards it now. There will never be a perfect time to get going. Why not pursue your goals now? You can still work at your job and be a valuable employee while working towards your dreams as well. Leave a comment below related to what you would do if you won the Mega Millions jackpot. If you are struggling to find your passion or unsure how to get started in your dream career, I would love to help. Just send me a private message and I will surely get back to you as soon as possible.

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