Our careers take up much of our time. They also have the ability to affect our entire lives in a positive or negative way. I’m passionate about helping people find the right career for them because of the impact it carries. I truly care about helping people and I am not driven by money. I believe that coaching is my gift, one of my purposes for being here. I’ve learned from my clients that people care more about why you do things rather than what you do. Here are 3 reasons why I love helping people find happiness in their careers.

Growing Up Poor

As a kid I grew up in a household where we didn’t have much money. Relying on welfare, receiving free lunches, Good Fellow boxes, and learning to be creative when it came to food selections, really shaped my view of life at an early age. I also began working at an age that most people would consider young. I wanted things that my mother couldn’t afford, and being thrust into the working world forced me to grow up a lot sooner than other children my age. I often wished there was someone to help my family, but the type of assistance I sought never came. After landing a job helping people in Detroit to secure employment, I realized I cared deeply for helping individuals find not only a job, but career success as well. When you grow up without a lot and actually make it out, you want to help others to do the same. It was then that I decided to become a professional Career Coach and Resume Writer. Now I have the opportunity to assist people in fulfilling their dreams and steering clear of poverty.

Not Having Direction At One Point In My Life

When I was younger I never stayed at one job for too long. I’ve held positions as a Security Officer, Factory Worker, Care Giver, and even a Bounce House Operator. I’ve had at least 40 different jobs in my short life. The thing I remember most about this time period was how unhappy I felt. There is nothing like dreading to go to work while still not really knowing what you would like to do. I had no direction or fulfillment, and that’s a terrible place to be. Once I finally figured out what my calling was, I knew I wanted to help others find career success as well. I can relate to job seekers who lack direction. I understand their frustration and I’ve been in their shoes. I use the feelings I experienced during that time in my life as motivation to help others in the same situation.

Impact to My Community

I love working with all people but I am most concerned with helping people from socio-economic backgrounds similar to my own background, people in inner-cities.Poverty runs rampant in these areas and I would like to use my expertise to help people find the light at the end of the tunnel. Often times I volunteer in my area offering free webinars, workshops, resume reviews, career advice, and job search strategies. My dream is to be able to help people in these areas on a larger scale and really have a positive impact on the community.

So there you have it, my 3 reasons for loving the field of career development. I believe Career Development Professionals can have a huge influence in the lives of people and our communities. Many of my clients have said working with me was a life changing experience and I am happy to be a part of it. Please leave some reasons why you love your field of choice below in the comments, I would love to hear them.

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My Promise To My Clients

1.To always remember why I got into this industry. To help people first & foremost.

2.To offer affordable professional career services. Check out my payment plans here: http://careerskyrocket.com/payment-options/

3.To always be available. Once clients purchase any one of my services I am always available from that point for questions or assistance no matter how long ago services were rendered.

4.To continue to learn and get better in order to provide the best service to clients.

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