Why a Degree Isn’t Enough to Guarantee You a Job: Employers Want More
I have worked in career services in Higher Education for about three years now. I have also had the opportunity to work with many college graduates through my professional resume writing and career coaching service, CareerSkyRocket LLC. There is a common misconception amongst many college graduates that a college degree guarantees a job, this issue comes up very often in my dealings with them. Yes employers value education, and having a college degree does make you more marketable. However, employers are also looking for a few other things as well.

1. Practical Experience – I get many job leads while at my day job as a Director of Career Services for a local college in Michigan. Nearly all the employers indicate they want someone with experience and the relevant education needed for the position. I had the mindset that all I needed was a degree to be successful. I worked hard to get really good grades but never focused on getting practical experience via internships, volunteering, part-time summer work in a related field, leadership experience, or involvement in student organizations. No one told me that I needed hands on experience; I assumed all I needed was a degree. I have worked with people who have graduate degrees without any practical experience as well. These people are under the impression that since they have a graduate degree they are guaranteed a job and a great salary, but they find it very hard to find work and often have to take entry-level jobs to gain experience.

2. Great Fit For Their Organization – Often times when interviewing employers are looking for candidates who will be a great fit for their organization and culture. You really can’t determine how well a person will perform on a job based on an interview, or simply because they have a degree. Some people are great interviewers but don’t perform well on their jobs. You have to show that you are a good fit for the organization as well.

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