I have worked with thousands of graduates in career services and hundreds of clients through my business Career SkyRocket LLC. I have seen firsthand just how important knowing what you are passionate about is to your career. People that take the time to get to know what they are passionate about and have clear direction, are most successful. In this article, I will briefly discuss two main reasons why you must know what you are passionate about.
1. You don’t want to waste time. Life is short and no one has the luxury to waste time doing something they don’t love. If you are not working in an area that you love or are in pursuit of entering the field, you are wasting time. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in the belief that job seekers should pursue jobs in “high demand” areas like information technology, engineering, and healthcare. Working in career services, many people come to me with a degree that someone told them would make money, but when you ask them what their plans with the degree are, they really have no passion or interest in the field. While I agree that you should conduct labor market information to see what types of job opportunities are available in a particular field, I believe you should always do what you are passionate about. I believe in the saying “the cream will rise to the top”. No matter what field you are in, if you are good, others will notice and opportunities will come. Not to mention everything is not about money and finances. I would rather make less money and do what I love to do than to make a ton of money and be miserable any day.

2. You Will Be Much Happier. According to Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace Report, which surveyed more than 150,000 full- and part-time workers during 2012, just 30 percent of employees are engaged and inspired at work. To me these statistics demonstrate that the overwhelming majority of Americans hate their jobs. Many companies are trying to find ways to keep their employees motivated and happy. Some of these office perks include roller hockey rinks, nap pods, and other amenities. I believe a person’s happiness begins with them being passionate about what they are doing and not with office perks. When you are passionate about something you are motivated to work hard, even without perks or recognition. Of course an irritating boss, work tasks that aren’t stimulating, or being in a role that doesn’t allow you to grow, can cause some dissatisfaction, but that’s another situation. When you are doing what you love, you will be happy.

The process of finding your passion and strengths takes many steps and can take a lot of time. If you are interested in a process for finding your strengths and accomplishments to help in the process read my post on the subject here. No matter what field you are planning to enter be sure it’s something that you enjoy, if you don’t you will regret it. I work with many people who stay in situations where they are not happy. This is not a good idea. If you are not happy start making plans to leave, and put them into action. This will force you to find what you are passionate about, and quickly. Ask yourself what you would do if you were a billionaire. Of course many of us will travel and spend extra time with our families, but what else would you do? The ‘what else’ for most people is probably something you are curious about, and can speak to what motivates you.

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