It’s all about who you know—we’ve all heard the saying as it relates to finding employment. While relationships are very important to getting a job, it may not be as much about who you know, but who you can get your resume in front of. Referrals are a very effective way of securing an interview since most Hiring Mangers feel more comfortable interviewing candidates someone can vouch for. However, I believe there is a misconception about how strong these relationships have to be.

1. You Just Need To Get Your Resume In Front Of The Hiring Manager
As mentioned above, referrals are very effective so you will never hear me argue against the practice. But how many of us actually know someone who works at an organization that we would love to work for? Often times, people feel that if they don’t know someone they have no chance at securing an interview—this kind of thinking can actually hinder people from pursuing viable opportunities. From my experience, employers are open to qualified candidates reaching out to them to speak about their organization. If they are not, then that’s not the kind of place you want to work for. I have helped tons of people secure interviews at places they didn’t know anyone. You don’t have to actually “know” the people who are over the department to secure an interview, you just have to present your qualifications the right way.

2. It’s All In The Approach
If you connect with employers in a professional manner, show that you will be a good fit for their organization, and highlight your success facing similar challenges, you have a great chance of being contacted for an interview. A good tool to accomplish the steps mentioned above is a short letter that speaks directly to the hiring manager about the company they represent. Another option is to contact the Hiring Manager directly via LinkedIn or email. In my experience of referring resumes to hiring managers, my clients have secured tons of interviews and in most situations my clients hadn’t had previous contact from employers in months. To find out more about Career SkyRocket LLC’s resume referral services, send me an email at As mentioned before, neither my clients nor I knew anyone at these companies before reaching out to them, yet they landed interviews. The key is in the approach as well as your ability to show how you are a good fit for the company.

I am by no means disparaging the power that referrals have on securing job interviews. The numbers show that most people secure interviews as a result of a relationship inside of organizations. However, there is still a really good chance for people to get interviews for desired positions even without those relationships, you just have to do some extra work to get your marketing materials in front of the people responsible for hiring. If what you’re sending out (your resume package) is excellent you will have a much greater chance of landing interviews than you would just sitting around waiting for calls after applying on job boards. Start with a target list of employers you would like to work for based on research. Begin to contact people on this list. You may not get responses from everyone on the list, but I bet you will get responses from some of the people on the list and the people that respond are the type of people you want to work for.

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