I often speak to people who have worked with self-proclaimed Resume Writers and Career Coaches. They usually say they are not happy with the services they were provided but just wanted to mention that they did pay for a resume or career coaching. I feel compelled to apologize since as a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Certified Career Management Coach somehow I feel responsible even though I had nothing to do with the product. Many of the people who are calling themselves Resume Writers and Career Coaches have no experience or training in the field. People are jumping into the field because they think it’s a great way to make money, but they have no desire to actually help people. It’s very important to pick the right company since it can have lasting effects on your career. Here are some ways to spot imposters who masquerade as Career Coaches or Resume Writers.

No Related Experience

If the only experience your Resume Writer or Career Coach has is helping family and friends, I suggest finding someone else. They should have experience successfully guiding people into realization of a career that brings fulfillment. Almost every week I get people asking for advice related to becoming a Career Coach. If I discover that they don’t have much related experience, the 1st thing I usually recommend is getting experience so they will be competent to help clients. I’ve had people come back to me on multiple occasions frustrated they have not secured any clients. I feel like they should be more angry about not obtaining related experience than trying to secure clients. They are more focused on money than actually getting the much needed experience to actually help people. I’ve seen people working in the banking industry that suddenly jump up one day proclaiming themselves Career Coaches or Resume Writers. Be sure to look into the person’s background to ensure that they have the experience needed to help.

No Customer Success

Someone who is good at what they do should have lots of previous customers who can vouch for the work they do. If the person you are thinking of working with can’t produce recommendations or testimonials from customers more than likely they won’t be able to help you. Even if they are just starting out they should have some practical experience. They could work in career services, workforce development, or even in human resources for a few years to gain experience before deciding to start a business. If they are not willing to take the time to get experience and work with seasoned professionals to learn the craft, they are not serious about the profession.

No Personal Success In Their Own Career

If you are in a field where you help others achieve success in their career, you should have some achievement yourself. How can you help someone find a fulfilling career if you are not happy in your own career? There should be some progression in the professional’s career before offering advice to others. You would not speak with a business coach who has not overseen a successful business right? So why would you hire someone who has a background full of entry-level positions. A Career Coach who doesn’t have a track record of landing positions they have targeted can’t help you. Ask for a background of their career to get an idea if they are actually following the advice they are dishing out.

 No Professional Development

If you are passionate about something you should want to get better at it. In a time where the job market and methods of obtaining employment are always changing you want someone who stays on top of the latest changes. This goes for people who hold industry certifications as well. As I mentioned above, things are constantly changing so a certification that was taken 10 years ago may not be relevant now. Ask about the latest trainings they have been enrolled in or books they are reading. How are they collaborating with other professionals to constantly perfect their craft? You want to work with people who are committed to learning and always striving to get better. One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a person is to become complacent.

More Concerned With Money

Have you ever worked with a sales person who you could tell was only concerned with making a sale? They really don’t take the time to get to know you and your needs. They usually focus on prices. Steer clear of people who never speak about why they do what they do but only focus on what they offer. People who constantly have sales and discounts may look appealing from the outside, but if all they offer is cheap prices, the quality of their services won’t be good. If they have no experience, training, personal success, or client testimonials, chances are they are more concerned with making money than actually helping people find happiness in their careers.

People face real life problems and situations. I have spoken to many people who are scared due to layoff and stressed due to prolonged and unsuccessful job searches. There is no room for people who really don’t care about helping people. Paying for a resume that does not produce results can cause a family to lose out on potential income. I have seen these resumes from companies that take people’s money and provide trash. Similarly, working with a person who has no training as it relates to Career Coaching can be just as damaging. I take my role as a Resume Writer and Career Coach seriously. Simply because looking for employment or trying to find direction in one’s career is a serious matter. People are looking for help from professionals who are passionate about helping others, competent, and have a track record of success. Sadly, there are a lot of people claiming to be professionals who want to take advantage of people in need of help as a way to make money.

Getting into a helping field is a decision that should come from a deep conviction to help. People who are inspired to help others will have a history of doing so. Someone who has no past experience of helping people in their career doesn’t just develop an interest in doing so. You are either a helper or you not. We distinguish between various types of fruit bearing trees by the fruit that it produces. The same can be said for companies. Look at the results and impact they have had on the clients they have worked with and it will be easy to spot the imposters from the real ones. If you are serious about getting into career development read my article here it may help.

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