Great service should not be rushed. I have been gifted with the ability to be an effective one-on-one counselor, and a really good resume writer. Rather I am writing a resume, career coaching, creating or teaching a workshop, preparing someone for an interview, or helping someone build an online presence, I take great pride in my work. If you are to be a great career coach you must be willing to take the time to get to know your clients. I will speak to each area to show why service must not be rushed to be effective.

1. Career Coaching – In my experience, I have had the most positive results when I took time to get to know my clients. I had to find out what motivated them, what their career goals were, strengths and weaknesses, and rather or not they were introverted or extroverted in order to put together a customized plan to them. Before service is rendered I spend time setting expectations and making sure they are ready to put in the hard work needed to conduct an active job search. You can’t put together a good job search plan or weekly job search strategies without taking the time to work with the client to find out their career goals and a plan that plays to their strengths.

2. Resume Writing – Good resumes are not produced in a few hours. I have had potential clients ask me to create them a resume in one day. In order for me to write a really good resume it must include the persons “brand”, be organized effectively, include key words that will get past the applicant tracking systems, must not be bland and boring, and speak to what the person will personally bring to an organization that will add value. In order for me to do this I need to speak to my clients to get to know more about them, pull out information that they may not have thought off. I have seen that many clients don’t know that some of the things they have done at various places of employment were things that set them apart from other candidates. If a resume writer asks you to just complete a form and from that form they will create you a custom resume in one day, it’s not effective. There should be dialog and communication throughout the process, revisions, and a final copy that both parties are happy with.

3. Interview Preparation – When working with a client to prepare for a future interview it’s imperative that I work with them to understand their strengths. Based on their various experiences we will pinpoint key accomplishments and achievements from their places of employment and all their experiences to show consistent picture of their brand and what they will bring to an organization. Many clients don’t know their brand and I have the hard task of pulling it out of them by listening intently to them and getting to know them. While speaking to them on a weekly basis I often am able to see strengths in them that they may not see themselves.

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