Automated Phone Interviews: Are You Kidding Me!

//Automated Phone Interviews: Are You Kidding Me!

Automated Phone Interviews: Are You Kidding Me!

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I know about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), we have all seen the canned automated responses when completing an application, I have seen the note at the bottom of job postings saying “please no calls”, but I have never heard of an automated phone interview. Is this where we have come in our world? Where a recruiter or hiring manager is not willing to take the time to conduct a simple phone interview, and are using automated systems to contact potential employees. A job seeker should not willingly accept an automated phone interview.
I feel like I sound like Jim Moya, when he made his famous rant about the Buffalo Bills making the playoffs. Instead of saying “playoffs, you kidding me, playoffs, I’m just trying to win a game”, I can hear job seekers saying “automated phone interviews, you kidding me, I’m just trying to work for a company that actually wants to take the time to speak to me”.

I spoke with one of my graduates last week for my day job as Associate Director of Career Services. I asked her how her phone interview was conducted. She said it was automated, and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. She replied “the automated guy asked me a question and gave me 3 minutes to respond, and then it went to another question”. She went on to explain that there was no time for questions and the automated person said if the human resources representatives liked her responses they would schedule a phone interview. Another phone interview, not even a face-to face interview. This is ridiculous in my opinion. It takes away all the human elements that accompany an interview, even if it is by phone. Like being able to ask questions to the interviewer, or the interviewer being able to tell you about their company.

It’s Time For A New Approach 

Job seekers must start to take control of their careers and stop groveling and begging for jobs. Know your value and the problems you solve for companies, and the types of companies you are interested in working for. Chances are if a company does not have the time to conduct a phone interview, it’s not the kind of company you want to work for. What’s next? Robot supervisors and employees, and work environments where there are no human interactions at all.

As I mentioned above, there are so many systems in place like ATS, automated responses, directions to applicants not to call or follow-up on applications, and now automated phone interviews, which makes everything so impersonal. Companies have taken the approach that potential employees need them more than they need them. They treat the interview process as a chance to weed out candidates and not a chance to have an actual conversation with a potential partner who will help in their success. I understand that human resource departments are busy and flooded with applicants. However, it really does not take that much time to conduct a phone interview with someone. How can you find out about the real problems that need to be solved in a business and offer solutions, if you are talking to a computer.

My message to the clients that I work with is to disregard the rules that have been established by companies that say apply online and leave us alone. You can read my piece on this topic here. What do you have to lose? You can waste an hour of your day completing long drawn out applications where most applicants are sent an automated response saying “we have received your application for employment and will keep your resume on file for 6 months for open positions.” If we feel you are a good fit for this position someone from our Human Resources Department will contact you directly. “Please do not respond to this email, you will not get a response, as no one monitors this account”. Or you can try a new approach. At Career SkyRocket we recommend that job seekers have direct interactions with employers via email, LinkedIn, or by sending your resume and Pain Letter created by Liz Ryan in the mail directly to the hiring manager. If an employer is turned off by you contacting them directly offering a solution to the business pain they are experiencing, then it’s not the place for you. From my experience job seekers who actually have direct interactions with hiring managers have been exceedingly more successful in being invited for an interview or at least having a real conversation about the company and position. If you are lost on how to find the hiring manager, feel free to give me a call and I will show you how to find them and get your resume in front of them.

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