I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great people who have enlisted me to assist them in finding either employment or a promotion. Most times there are common themes that prevented these individuals from getting what they wanted. Below you will find the most common themes amongst these people as it relates to finding employment. Don’t worry, I won’t just point out reasons why they were not currently working in their dream job, I will provide solutions as well.

1. You Are Still Depending on Job Boards
Some people just don’t know any other way to find employment. While some people have heard they have to take a different approach to include networking and direct interactions with Hiring Mangers in their job search, some are just uncomfortable don’t with this new approach.
Target companies you are interested in and reach out to the person responsible for hiring directly. Make networking a regular part of your activities. Begin networking with industry professionals, and employees at companies you are interested in even when positions aren’t posted. (Maybe add how to begin networking. Begin connecting with people in your desired field on LinkedIn. Or join professional organizations.

2. Your Marketing Materials Suck
You are not getting invited to interviews because your marketing materials (Resume, Pain Letter, and LinkedIn) suck. If your resume looks terrible and does nothing to highlight what you will bring to an organization, chances are it will get trashed or perhaps never make it in front of a Hiring Manager at all. Furthermore, most companies are using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan your resume for keywords. If you have not formatted your resume correctly it will get rejected by ATS.
Get help from a professional resume writer and career coach. They will format your resume to get more views as well as highlight your brand. More importantly, a career coach can help you to develop strategies to get around the applicant tracking systems and in front of the people responsible for hiring.

3. You Don’t Interview Well
I have spoken with tons of people who get interviews on a regular basis but are never offered employment. Needless to say, they are very frustrated by the time they get to me. In an interview you have to be able show that you are a good fit for an organization and that you have been in similar situations with successful outcomes. It is also important to demonstrate that you have the acumen to learn a particular job. Sometimes people are in denial about their interviewing ability and don’t think they need to work on it. The proof comes in the results, if you are not being offered jobs after interviewing and you have been on multiple interviews, there is something wrong.
Work with a career coach to work on your interviewing skills. Career Coaches can provide you with an outside opinion that will prove to be valuable to your search.

4. You Have A Bad Attitude
The truth is, some people just have nasty attitudes and are very difficult to deal with. These are the people who complain all day at work but do nothing to change their situation. We all know people like this, every time you see them they have something to complain about, it’s never a good day. When you have this type of attitude more than likely there is something causing it. Maybe they are not happy in their life and career. Maybe they have suffered a very difficult loss. They could be still suffering from something that happened to them in the past. No matter what the issue is it must be addressed because this negative attitude will come across in your interview. People with negative attitudes tend to not take advice well either. In my experience, working with people with a bad attitude is draining. You say their resume needs work, they say that it doesn’t. You say they have to work on interviewing, they say they are great interviewers. If you are known to have a bad attitude and someone who works at a place happens to notice your name on an application for an open position, they will more than likely tell their manager to run away fast.
Seek assistance from a professional counselor or a spiritual leader. The quote that says “Your attitude is like a broken tire, you won’t get anywhere until you change it” rings true even in a job search. If you manage to get a job with a nasty attitude, you won’t keep it long once people figure out that you are a ‘Negative Nancy’. There is nothing wrong with getting help from a professional, you will be thankful afterwards.

5. You’re Not Qualified
I am amazed at the amount of people who apply for jobs that they are not qualified for. People often contact me saying they have been applying but have not gotten any calls. When I review their resumes in relation to the jobs they are interested in, I feel bad when I have to tell them they are not qualified. I don’t mean they are just a bit off from being qualified for the job; these people have no experience related to the qualifications.
Stop wasting your time on jobs you are not qualified for. Look for entry-level jobs and reach out to people about those instead while working to build up your qualifications in the area. Before inquiring about a position, be sure to read the qualifications and make sure you are a match for what they are looking for.

6. You Take The “Willy Nilly” Approach
Without structure in your job search you are destined to fail. I have worked with people who say they will look for work when they feel like it. They think once a week or month is enough time to dedicate to their search. It takes time to conduct an active search.
Take a look at the sample weekly job search plan I created below, create one for yourself built around building relations and having direct interactions with employers.

Sample Weekly Job Search Plan

7. You Have Unrealistic Expectations
Just because you have a Master’s Degree does not mean you demand six figures for a salary especially, if you don’t have the amount of experience to demand a high salary. I’ve had people tell me because they have a certain level of education, they should be qualified for certain jobs. Employers want more than just education; you have to have experience as well. People want to work from home 5 days a week, monthly raises, company stock, and a company car.
Be realistic about what you are looking for and conduct research into the company before even inquiring about positions. Use salaries.com, and glassdoor.com to conduct salary research as well as to look at employee reviews. Connect with people who work at the company and conduct informational interviews to ensure it’s the kind of place you are looking to work. You can also attend recruiting events to meet the people you will work with.

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