Career Skyrocket offers resume development along with career coaching, tailored to meet your individual needs. All documents, conversations, and information exchanged are confidential and each resume package is designed to meet your specific career goals.

The process begins when you contact me. Be sure to include your phone number in the initial email or if you leave a voice mail message. I will then contact you to discuss your career goals, what steps you’ve taken thus far to move your job search forward, and to tell you more about my approach. At that time, we can go into further detail about the services offered and which one(s) works best for you. After our initial discussion, you will be able to determine if our services are what you’re looking for. If we both agree upon working together, we will then be ready to start.

Payment is due before the process begins. Once payment has been made I will contact you to set-up additional interviews to gather more information.

As it relates to documents needed for your job search, you can expect a turnaround time of 5 business days, after which you will work with me to complete any revisions. Once final revisions have been completed, you can inform me if you would like to utilize any other services offered.


My Approach

Resume Writing

I take a very non-traditional approach to resume writing. I have moved away from some of the archaic ways of resume writing that many other professionals are still utilizing. The resumes that I create speak in 1st person as opposed to 3rd person. This allows you to sound like an actual human and not a robot. I take the time to ensure that your resume is formatted to get past the dreaded Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) most companies are using. I also focus on telling your story and highlighting your accomplishments to show what you will personally bring to an organization. Here are a few examples of Career Summaries that you will see on most resumes, and what you can expect on the resumes I create.


Other Companies

“Dynamic Project Manager with 15 years of extensive experience in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing out projects. Strong effective skills in analyzing, structuring and negotiating activities and transactions in various capacities”.

“An experienced Information Security Professional providing a broad range of information communication and security skills. Accomplished skills include the configuration and administration of various security and network devices”.

These summaries are so dull and I hate reading them. If I don’t want to read them I am sure a Hiring Manager won’t want to read them either. These both sound like a million other resumes I have seen and don’t set either person apart from a million other people. If you have a career summary that reads like this let’s talk about how to change it give the reader some insight into who you are and what you will bring to their organization.

Career SkyRocket LLC

“I knew the medical field was a perfect match for me after shadowing a nurse during my undergraduate years. As a Nurse in the ER unit, I have become known for my compassion and technical knowledge. I was chosen to train all other nurses on quality of care, and electronic health records. I am looking to advance to a Head Nurses position. “

“Since I played my first video game on Sega Genesis, I knew that one day I wanted to be a part of a team that created awesome games. As a Project Manager I have ensured that every project has been completed on time and in budget, I even saved money on many of the projects I was in charge of. I am looking to grow with a company that creates their own games.”

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Career Coaching

My approach to career coaching is to build personalized plans that cater to my clients strengths. I created an effective job search graph that allows them to have a balanced approach that is centered on the idea of building relationships which is the key to securing employment. For the overwhelming majority of people this is a departure from their normal activities related to finding employment. When clients see the results, they are sold and will never go back to sitting in front of a computer for hours applying to jobs on black hole job boards where it’s rare that people get responses. Most people are getting emails that tell them they will not get a call for an interview while the company vows to keep their resumes on file for six months for future opportunities. However, they never receive a call for an interview. This rejection can be very frustrating to someone desperate to land employment. I show them a more effective way to conduct a job search that will guarantee better results.

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