Resume Writing Packages

Are you applying to jobs but not getting call backs?

Struggling to write your resume yourself?

One of our resume writing packages may be perfect for you.


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Individual Resume

I work with mid-level professionals to assist in writing their resume. The cost of having your resume done is $129.

What’s included?

Info Gathering Phone Meeting – Once we decide to work together to create your marketing materials I will set up a phone meeting to gather information to include in your document. We will focus on highlighting your accomplishments, telling your story, and skills that distinguish you from other candidates. These phone meetings usually last between 30 minutes to an hour.

Word Resume – Use this version when applying online via job boards or company websites. Most companies use tracking systems to scan your resume and these systems don’t read PDF documents properly.

PDF Resume – This version of the resume should be used when sending your resume via email. The formatting won’t change in this form and it will keep the professional appearance.

Formatting your resume for each position worksheet – Although you will receive a resume that is formatted for your particular industry, you will need to format your document for each position that you apply for. As mentioned above companies are using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan resumes for keywords in order to rank candidates for open positions. The worksheet I provide will guide you through the process to ensure your resume is actually seen by the person screening for open positions.

How to get your resume in front of Hiring Managers worksheet – Since there are so many obstacles in place when applying to jobs online I recommend using more direct approaches to getting your resume in front of people responsible for hiring. I use this worksheet to provide practical and effective ways of ensuring your resume is seen by Hiring Managers.

Resume/Cover-Letter Package

I recommend that you send a Cover-Letter along with your resume directly to the Hiring Manager as opposed to just applying on job boards. Solely applying to jobs using online can be very frustrating, especially if you are not getting the results you want. The Cover-Letter that I will create for you will grab the reader’s attention immediately by congratulating them on something specific to their company and shows the employer that you are the perfect person to solve problems they are facing. The cost for the Resume/Cover-Letter package is $179.

This package includes everything from the Individual Resume Package along with a custom letter to send with your resume.