Looking for a career related workshop speaker?

Do you work with clients who are looking for employment?

I am a teacher at heart and I love the interactions that occur in a workshop environment. If you or your company are servicing people who are looking for employment, maybe they can use a different voice. One of the things that set’s me apart from many other Career Coaches is that I love learning and giving the knowledge that I learn back to people who can use it, is something that I take pride in. Here are some of the workshops that I have created and facilitated in the past:

▪ 8 ways to Conduct An Effective Job Search

▪ Maximizing the job search using social media

▪ Resume’s & Cover-Letter’s that produce results

▪ Tips For A Successful Interview

▪ How to Brand Yourself

▪ Finding & Pursuing Your Passion

▪ 4 Keys To Landing Employment