Why Helping Clients Is So Personal To Me

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Why Helping Clients Is So Personal To Me

I’ve always been a helper by nature, and as a child I was inspired by people who dedicated their lives to helping others.  As I set off into the world I found that I especially loved helping people reach their career goals. I’ve always been driven to follow my passion, however, for years I struggled with balancing everyday life with the desire to walk in my purpose. I know firsthand just how difficult it is to be in an undesired place, and because of that, it has inspired me to reach out to others and encourage them to follow their passions. Here are just some of the reasons that helping others reach their career goals are personal to me.
1. Growing Up Poor, You Wished Someone Helped You.
When I was a kid my family didn’t have a lot of money, I told myself that when I grew up I wanted something different. My aspirations were not only to help my own family, but to assist as many families as possible who struggled financially. Helping people to improve their life by securing employment with companies that they enjoyed working for was my way of helping. I often think back on when I was a child and wished that I and my family had someone who would champion our cause. Fortunately, my family received public assistance that really helped in times of need. Now I assist people all over the United States improve their circumstances by securing meaningful employment, and in turn, these people can better provide for their families on their own.

2. My  Clients Are Great! I Want To Help Them.
I like to get to know my clients and they are awesome! When I work with such great people it only increases my desire to help them. It’s not uncommon for me to hear stories that are laced with desperation. Some of my clients have struggled with providing for their families, while others have applied to thousands of jobs and have not received any call backs. Because I take the time to build a report with my clients, their struggles become personal to me. I love being able to help my clients secure opportunities that will not only affect their financial position, but their mental stability and family structure in a positive way as well.

2. Everyone Should Live Their Dreams.
My passion is to help as many people as possible to find their career passion and pursue it each and every day. There are so many people in the world that are not happy in their careers but do nothing to change their situations. Although I’m on the road to realizing my dream of running my business full-time and helping people in my neighborhood by using the knowledge that I possess, I am not there yet and I understand the struggle of feeling frustrated by not being where you want to be. When you deal with situations in your own life and overcome, it makes you make a good resource for people dealing with similar issues. My hope is that I can help people to find and follow their passion through one-on-one counseling, trainings, and by inspiring others to follow in my footsteps. People have a lot of excuses to keep them from following their dreams (taking a lower salary, not wanting to get out of their comfort zone, etc.) However, the negative effects of not walking in purpose each day far outweigh the risks. Remember, you might have to work, but you don’t have to hate it!

4. I Am A Helper
Did I mention that I’m a helper? I genuinely receive satisfaction from helping others—it’s how I am wired and it is what drives me. Even before I realized my love for the field of career development, people were naturally drawn to me for help. People always felt comfortable talking to me and seeking me out for assistance with the problems that they were dealing with. Sometimes it could get quite weird as strangers would feel relaxed enough to tell me their life story, but it was obvious that they saw something in me that I now see in myself. To me there is nothing like helping someone in need and sometimes I have a hard time saying no. Having a company forces me to understand the principles of business, but it can be hard to not want to help everyone that I come into contact with. I take great pride in helping my clients in reaching their career goals and being a part of the process that assisted them in achieving that success.

So as you can see, helping people to improve their livelihood or finding career direction is very personal to me. Growing up, I wish I had someone to help me and my family out when things got hard. Now I use the feelings I had back then to motivate me to help others. Even after working with my clients I follow-up on a regular basis to see how they are doing in their job search. If there is anything I can to help, I do it without thinking twice. If you find yourself in a bind right now as it relates to your career feel free to reach out to me for assistance.

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