Career SkyRocket LLC

Career SkyRocket (CSR) was founded by Darius Harris, a Certified Professional Resume Writer & Career Coach in 2013.  CSR provides professional resume writing, career coaching, and trainings and workshops to people looking to reach their career goals. Our clients are entry to mid-level professionals as well as entrepreneurs who are ready to do what they love every day. You don’t have to know what you are most passionate about before service since we specialize in helping people to find their passion. However, we prefer to work with people who are ready to focus on activities that bring them joy as opposed to settling for a job.

Why I Love Helping Clients

Clients come to us with a very serious need. To find employment, assistance with finding career direction, a need for marketing materials that can aide in securing job interviews and for company’s a trusted company that can assist their clients with various needs related to securing employment. Some are in desperate situations. They may have been laid off and need to find employment in order to support family’s, are getting interviews but no job offers, or just don’t know which direction they want to take which delays their search for employment. Helping people is my passion and gives me fulfillment. I can relate to these situations and it drives me to help people to have hope that things can and will change for the better.