If you are anything like me, your career is a very important aspect of your life. I love seeing results, but I don’t always like the process of getting there. Like so many others, I want immediate results— unfortunately, things don’t usually work that way. You may be waiting for a promotion, the opportunity to break into your chosen field, or for your business to get where you need it to be, here’s some tips to help you cope while you wait.

1. Focus on Getting Better At Your Craft
While you are waiting for your breakthrough in your career don’t forget to focus on getting better at your craft. People that are passionate about what they do spend tons of time doing what they love and this allows them to get better. Become a life-long learner. Read books and articles related to your field. Sign-up for webinars and trainings, obtain certifications, and collaborate with other industry professionals that share your same passion. You never know who you will meet while improving your skills, and it could be a mutually beneficial relationship. If you focus on perfecting your craft, you won’t have time to fret and become discouraged when you feel you are not where you want to be in your career. Professional development makes you more marketable and allows you to be an even greater asset to the people you serve.

2. Use Your Gift In Your Current Situation
Just because you haven’t reached your career goals doesn’t mean you should stop using your gift. When you are not where you want to be it’s really easy to become frustrated—even to the point that you want to just give up. You would be surprised just how much people around you could benefit from you. If you are working at place that does not cater to you and the skills you possess offer to use your gift for the benefit from the company. You could start by volunteering to help teach others. This will restore a sense of purpose and it gives you an opportunity to do what you love. Family members and friends may be able to benefit from your talent as well, you just need to present the idea.
3. Continue to Work Towards Your Goals
Seeing someone give up on their dreams is one of the saddest things you will ever see. I’ve known people who were driven to alcohol and substance abuse from the depression caused by giving up on dreams. Even when things seem bleak, continue to work towards your dreams every day. Set short-term goals that will aide in achieving your long-term goals. If your plan is not working be willing to alter your plan in order to achieve goals.
4. Have Some Balance
One of my biggest strengths is my ability to set a goal and focus all my energy on that goal until I achieve it. Determination. I call it tunnel-vision. Tunnel-vision can be quite harmful if you let it. If you focus solely on a particular goal and don’t have balance in your life, it can impact other important factors in your life, like your family. It’s important to have balance. While it’s good to be determined and focused on achieving the goals you have set for yourself, there are other important things in life as well. Spend time with your family, make a positive impact in your community, partake in other hobbies/activities that brig you joy. We all have many things that we are passionate about, if you focus only on your career, you won’t have the balance needed to live a fulfilled life. I like to relate this to a job search, if you spend all day everyday searching for employment, you will eventually get burned out— especially if you don’t get the results you want right away. The same can be said about your career. You have to have times when you take a break from focusing on your career.

5. Maintain a Positive Attitude
It can be very hard to maintain a positive attitude when you are frustrated with your career. After all, we spend a huge amount of our time at work so it’s only natural that you want that time to be spent doing something you love. Everything does not line up the right way all the time. You just have to keep a positive attitude during the process. Understand that the journey is just as important as the destination and pay attention to what you have learned along the way. Having a bad attitude can cause people who could help you get to where you want to be stray away from you. So keep a positive attitude, it’s good for your health and you never know whose watching.

The one thing about life is that nothing stays the same. Things will eventually change for the better. In your pursuit to career success and happiness stay productive even if you haven’t reached your goals. If you are a progressive person who looks for growth, you will always have new goals that you are working on. Once you reach the place you thought you wanted to be, you will quickly develop new goals to reach so there is no point getting bent out of shape if it takes a bit longer to get there. In the event that you never reach your goals, at least you had what it takes to pursue them each day. You will have nothing to feel bad about because you know you tried your hardest to pursue your passion, as opposed to someone who never tried.

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