Clients come to me with real problems, and most of them stem from not being able to find a job. It breaks my heart to listen to their stories and often times not being able to secure employment causes stress in other areas of their lives. The reasons for unemployment varies depending on each individual situation. It’s my job as a Career Coach to help them find the right solutions to their issues and not just take a blanket approach to helping them. Most often people think the issue of why they are unable to land employment lies solely with their resume. Sometimes the resume is indeed the issue, however, my recent observations cause me to believe that many people need career coaching as well.  Sometimes after listening to people I can see that they may have other barriers that block them from landing employment. Here is a sample conversation with a client to give you an idea:

Client: I’ve been applying to jobs for about 2 months now and I’m not getting any results.

Me: What industry are you looking to get into? Tell me a bit more about your employment history and how it relates to what you are pursuing right now.

Client: My background is in Customer Service. I’ve ran a call center for about 10 years now and before this job I worked in customer service in retail. I am looking to get into Human Resources now and I was told that I need to change my resume to get around the screening systems employers are using these days.

Me: You’re right, many companies are using Applicant Tracking Systems now to find suitable candidates for open positions. Unfortunately, many qualified candidates are screened out because they don’t have their resumes formatted correctly for the systems. Do you have any related experience in HR? Have you attended school to receive training in HR?

Client: No, my entire work history is in Customer Service and I was a History Major. I want to go in a new direction now and I figured HR would be a great fit for me.

Me: Your resume may not be the issue. HR is a very challenging field to get into especially in Michigan. A Human Resources Generalist will want someone with at least 1 year experience and a degree in Human Resources. Some positions require a candidate to have a post-secondary certification as well. What attracts you to HR?

Client: I really don’t know, just thought it would be something that would be good to go into.

Me: In order to conduct an effective job search you must first have clear direction. Without direction, your job search will definitely suffer. My specialty is helping people to find and pursue what they are passionate about. I would love to help you with this, I bet you would be happier with clear direction and you would actually be excited to find employment in a field that you love. I have a coaching package that would be really good for you. Let me tell you about what it offers.

The above scenario is a classic case of someone who doesn’t know what they want to do and haven’t looked over the positions they are inquiring about as it relates to their interests and qualifications. It is extremely important to listen to clients and ask the correct follow-up questions to gauge what can really help them. If I had just told the client my process and approach for resume writing services and completed the resume I would not have helped to solve the problem.

Unfortunately, there are many other companies that don’t take the time to really speak to people. There are even some resume writing companies where clients never speak to the writer on the phone. Clients are instructed to upload their resumes, pay the required fee, and wait for a resume that promises to be great. Producing a great resume is impossible without communication between both parties. The sad part is that people are paying for resume services that they believe will solve their problems when they have even greater barriers that hinder them from landing employment.

I pride myself in great listening skills, experience, integrity, and a passion to help people reach their potential as it relates to their careers.  It is very important for me to listen and find out what the real barriers to employment are and not just provide the initial service that is requested by clients. Sometimes clients don’t know what the real issue is and that’s where the experience of the Career Coach comes in play. Clients often think that the answer to all their problems are the resume. Conversely, there could be a multitude of other problems including:

  • Lack of Direction
  • Not Qualified
  • Bad Attitude
  • Doesn’t Interview Well
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Depending Solely on Job Boards
  • Bad Hygiene
  • Unprofessional dress

From the client scenario above, a resume would not have helped to land a job in HR the client had no experience and she lacked direction. More than likely the client would not find employment in the Human Resources field in the real world. If you want to work with someone that will listen to your needs and come up with customized plans to fit your needs feel free to reach out to me for assistance, I would love to help.

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