I take a very non-traditional approach to resume writing. I’ve moved away from some of the archaic practices that many other professionals are still utilizing. For example, the resumes I create speak in 1st person as opposed to 3rd. By writing in 1st person, this allows my clients to sound like an actual human, not a robot. Furthermore, I focus on telling my client’s story as well as highlighting their accomplishments to show what they will personally bring to an organization. If you aren’t very clear about what set’s you part from the competition and have a hard time identifying what you have accomplished, don’t worry, I will pull it out of you. By the time you finish working with me, you will have a very good idea of what your brand is, if you don’t already know. Unlike other Resume Writers, I won’t try to force all your great experience into one page just for the sake of having a one page document. However, we will tell your story in a clear, concise way—that won’t bore the reader. Here are a few examples of Career Summaries that you will see on most resumes, and what you can expect on the resumes that I create.

Other Companies

“Dynamic Project Manager with 15 years of extensive experience in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing out projects. Strong effective skills in analyzing, structuring and negotiating activities and transactions in various capacities.”
“An experienced Information Security Professional providing a broad range of information communication and security skills. Accomplished skills include the configuration and administration of various security and network devices”.
In my opinion, these summaries are dull.”

When I was responsible for aiding in the hiring process, I hated reading these types of summaries. In the Summaries listed above, nothing sets the job seekers apart from anyone else in their field. Instead of learning about their personal accomplishments or creative approaches in tackling issues in the industry, it reads more like a list of tasks.
Now, let’s take a look at my approach to formatting Career Summaries.

Career SkyRocket LLC

“I knew the medical field was a perfect match for me after shadowing a nurse during my undergraduate years. As a Nurse in the ER unit, I have become known for my compassion and technical knowledge. I was chosen to train all other nurses on quality of care, and electronic health records. I am looking to advance to a Head Nurses position. “
“Since I played my first video game on Sega Genesis, I knew that one day I wanted to be a part of a team that created awesome games. As a Project Manager I have ensured that every project has been completed on time and in budget, I even saved money on many of the projects I was in charge of. I am looking to grow with a company that creates their own games.”

Formatted For ATS

If you’ve been applying to jobs and have not gotten any responses from employers it can be very frustrating. One reason could be that your resume is not formatted to beat the dreaded Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) most companies are using. These systems are not very smart and they regularly send resumes of qualified candidates to a reject file never to be seen by a human being. If your document does not include the correct key words and is not formatted correctly, chances are your document will reach this pile as well. There are some key measures you must take in formatting your document for the ATS systems, and I take the time to ensure that your resume will likely get past the ATS systems and in front of an actual person.

Tell Your Story

The way we tell your story is to focus on what drew you to the field you are in, or what draws you to the field you are going into. We will also focus on what you have become known for and what your plans are for the future. This way, when someone reads your document, they get a good idea of who you are before calling you in for an interview.

Accomplishment Focused

It is very important to highlight what you have accomplished at every step in your career. The reader will begin to develop a picture of what you will personally bring to their organization that will bring value. Themes are developed, especially if you have used particular skills at multiple places of employment. I will work with you to pull out things that you may have not thought of. I know the questions to ask that will provoke you to think more deeply about your impact at each place. Unlike other companies, I won’t send you a form to complete (which is so impersonal) and then try to create a great resume from a sheet of paper. In order to really get a good idea of who a person is you must talk to them. Through conversation, I will be able to pull the important information out and highlight your brand.


No matter what services my clients decide to go with, I always follow-up to see how things are going in the job search at least twice after service has been rendered. Helping my clients is very personal to me so I do everything possible to ensure they land the job they are pursuing including making sure their resume is actually getting results. If there is anything else that I can do to assist in the job search, I am always available.

Your resume is a key piece to your job search. It can determine rather or not you receive calls for interviews. Now that you know a bit more about my approach to writing great resumes, feel free to reach out to me for assistance with your document.

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