How Working with A Professional Resume Writer Can Help You Understand Your Brand

//How Working with A Professional Resume Writer Can Help You Understand Your Brand

How Working with A Professional Resume Writer Can Help You Understand Your Brand

Over the years I have had the privilege of helping many people create what I call an application package (Resume, Cover-Letter, and LinkedIn Profile). I didn’t realize it at first, but working with people in this endeavor really has a huge impact on people beginning to understand what it is that they  can bring to an organization. A simple request for a resume or some other marketing tool, leads to individuals having a better idea of their skills, and they are shocked each and every time. Here is how clients are more equipped to discuss their brand after working with me.
1. Collaborative Approach
My approach is much different than other resume writers I have seen. I believe in a very collaborative approach–one where we really work together to produce solid marketing materials that highlight the client’s story as well as their accomplishments. When working with me you won’t be asked to complete a general information form from which I will then complete your resume in 1-2 days. I talk to each client to truly understand who they are and where they’d like to go in their career; together we pinpoint goals and highlight the unique skills they possess that will be beneficial to companies. I then take this information and craft a custom resume unique to each client.
I work with my clients throughout the entire process to make sure they get a valuable product. The resume is not finalized until we have gone through each place of employment to find accomplishments that set them apart from others. I help them to figure out what they are really good at and what they have become known for.

2. I Ask The Right Questions
Writing a resume is more than just organizing words in a way that describes a person’s job duties and education.—the goal is to covey more of a person’s story as well as to show what they will personally bring to an organization. I love the challenge of pulling information out of people who may not understand the importance of showing accomplishments or what they possess that brings value to an organization. Clients have sometimes begun the process believing that they had nothing to bring to a company other than years of experience, or for some none at all. I am able to highlight transferable skills and accomplishments that set them apart by asking the right questions. It takes years to come up with some of the questions that I ask and most likely people are not able to pull the information out on their own. It’s important to work with a professional when constructing your marketing materials for employment since we are trained in getting information that you would not be able to do on your own.

3. Information Seeking Activities
There are also a few activities that I use to help my clients find great information that will shed light on what their skills are. One of those activities involves looking over employee reviews. This is a good way to find out from the people who have supervised you exactly what it is that they believe you personally bring to a company. There are a few more activities that I utilize that are very effective in allowing my client to understand their brand.

We discuss the importance of doing a great job, and paying more attention to the ways you do your job. There are tons of people who have the same job title and perform the same job duties that you do on a regular basis. However, there is no one who does the job exactly like you do. Maybe you take a different approach. Maybe there is something about your personality that makes you more effective or a better fit for a specific company. This is what will entice an employer to give you a call for an interview or offer you employment over someone else. The key is that you know your brand. Working with me will definitely put you on the path of knowing what makes you different. During the process some clients don’t want to take the time to really pull out what sets them apart, but I won’t allow them to settle for a mundane product. They all appreciate the process afterwards and say to me that they learned so much about themselves and it was well worth it. For assistance with your employment marketing materials feel free to contact me at to get started.

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