Lately, I’ve found myself mystified when thinking about why so many people choose to navigate job searches alone. When our cars break we go to a mechanic, when we feel sick we see a doctor, but when navigating our careers, it seems people don’t understand the value of utilizing Professional Resume Writers and Career Coaches . I’ve come up with a few reasons why people don’t feel the need to seek help when looking for employment or making career plans.

1. Job Boards

People think that job boards are the way to find employment and they spend hours sitting in front of a computer hitting the apply button. With so much evidence backed by research on the ineffectiveness of job boards, it’s hard for me to understand why so many people put their faith in them. People use job boards because it is easy, you can type in a few terms, look at job descriptions, and hit the apply button for various jobs. This approach, however, does not cause for much research about the companies you apply to or any strategic effort, anyone can apply for jobs on a job board—hence the reason why employers are bombarded with applications from so many people who are not qualified for the position. This is not intended by any means to bash job boards. Like most things, job boards have a use, but evidence has shown that people secure more job interviews via employee referrals. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) reject tons of qualified candidates so in my opinion (coupled with evidence from research), this is not a very effective approach to a job search.

2. They Don’t See the importance of Investing in Themselves

I must admit, I have seen some astronomical prices for professional career coaching and resume writing. With this being said I can understand if people think they can’t afford professional career coaching or resume writing services. However, I have seen some crazy prices for popular clothing items, vacations, and many other things that people indulge in. These industries don’t have any problems bringing in large sums of revenue from consumers. I have known women who have paid thousands of dollars for a purse. Some of these same people are not willing to invest the much smaller amount for professional career services, but will gladly fork over their last to pay for other things. Some people don’t see the value in career services or resume writers. They think they can just tweak their own resume or apply to jobs via job boards. I am often contacted by people in these positions. A few of these people have tried to get free information or even free labor out of me to attempt to go at it alone in their job search. Utilizing a professional for assistance in your career should not be looked at as a cost but an investment.

3. They Don’t Know These Types of Career Services Exist

You would be surprised to know that some people don’t know that these types of services exist. I get so much joy when talking to someone and watching their face light up when they hear that I am here to help them find career happiness. There are tons of career coaches and resume writers in business, but most people are promoting their individual companies, and in doing so their message may only get to the areas they target. There needs to be a mass effort to everyone to promote that we are here to help.

4. They Came In Contact With A Salesperson, Not Someone Really Interested In Helping

There are so many Career Coaches and Resume Writers that the market has become over saturated. Unfortunately not all “professionals” are good. In another article I wrote on becoming a career coach, I mentioned that people are calling themselves Career Coaches and Professional Resume Writers but have no practical experience and no passion to gain any. They are money hungry sales people looking for a way they think will provide them with quick money and in essence they are getting over on people. Instead of genuinely wanting to help others achieve career happiness, these people are more concerned about what they can sale. They don’t take the time to actually listen to their clients and find out their needs. Do your research to avoid becoming involved with these types of individuals.

5. They Want A Guarantee They Will See Results

No one can guarantee a client that they will find a job as a result of working with them. However, Career coaches should be able to show a track record backed by actual clients who have been successful as a result of working with them. If you or someone you know is interested in professional career services be sure to research the company, and ask pertinent questions before moving forward. The questions you ask should revolve around what approach the person will utilize. A person that has been practicing a long time will have a clear and established approach to lead people in the right direction. If they seem to be rushed and focused on “selling” you their service as opposed to listening and bringing great practical ideas to your personal situation, they probably are not the right person/company for you. From my experience, people are more apt to pay for resume services as opposed to career coaching. A resume is something they can actually see and hold if they choose to print it. They believe that the resume is the “cure” to all their job search problems. While the resume is an important piece to the job search puzzle, it’s not the entire piece. I have seen people change their resumes around a million times when the resume was never the problem. The problem was in their initial contact with an employer, or the interview which would require coaching and not a new resume.

6. Too Much Pride

Some people will bump their heads for years before asking anyone for help in a job search. They feel like if they ask for help from a professional that it will somehow take away satisfaction when they land the job they have been coveting. For me I am the same way when it comes to money and providing for my family. I would rather starve to death than to ask someone for assistance—it’s just not in my nature. I am used to working and providing for my family. I imagine it will take some people to get to their last before they ever ask for help from anyone.

7. Don’t Want To Get Out Of Routine

There are so many people who are unemployed or hate their jobs but don’t reach out to professionals for help. Clients are facing real problems that need attention from professionals. Some people think they know everything about everything. Although they may be stressed at their job or worried about the idea of navigating a job search, it’s not enough for them to get out of their comfort zone. They will stick it out for 30 years at a place they dread because they are comfortable. They may have spoken to a professional but never moved forward with service because they weren’t inspired enough to step out on faith. Maybe they are supporting a kid in college, or really love the high salary they receive. If it were me, I would chase my dreams no matter what. The dread of going to a place I hate every day, wasting my time, or struggling with a failed job search would inspire me to reach out to someone for assistance.

If any of these causes outlined are keeping you from contacting a Career Development Professional, I totally understand. I believe that everyone needs a Career Coach no matter where they are in their career. Whoever you choose make sure it’s someone who will give you honest advice, and has a track record of helping people to find career success. Of course the goal of a Career Coach or Resume Writer is to help you find employment. In the case of a Career Coach, often times they help to point you in the right direction in your career and job search that leads to you landing your dream job. The investment you make to their services will be well worth the price when you land an interview or job you have been wanting.

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