How To Optimize Your Resume For ATS

If I were to give my wife a Butterfinger candy bar and a bunch of weeds for flowers, she probably wouldn’t be very happy with my gift. She loves white truffles and blue hydrangeas; if I gave her these instead she would undoubtedly be overjoyed. Everyone wants someone that knows them personally and takes the extra time [...]

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I Don’t Have Any Accomplishments For My Resume: I Just Did My Job.

The hardest part of producing great resumes for clients is pulling out the details about great things they did on their jobs. About 98% of resumes I receive for review are completely task oriented and not focused on highlighting the person’s accomplishments. Highlighting what you do well is very important to not just having a [...]

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The Role Of A Career Coach

I like to compare a career coach to a basketball coach. Basketball coaches motivate, teach, push, give advice, recognize strengths and weaknesses hold players accountable, and ultimately get the best out of their players. Career coaches do very similar things with those who they are charged with serving. I don’t take a “cookie cutter” approach [...]

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