My Career Advice To Young People

The career advice I received when I was younger was not very good at all. The message was basically “go to college, get a job, and you will have a happy life and career”. Fortunately, I found my path and I am happy with my career; but with better guidance I would have reached my goals much [...]

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How To Spot The Imposter Resume Writer/Career Coach

I often speak to people who have worked with self-proclaimed Resume Writers and Career Coaches. They usually say they are not happy with the services they were provided but just wanted to mention that they did pay for a resume or career coaching. I feel compelled to apologize since as a Certified Professional Resume Writer [...]

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Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny

“I’m not good enough” “No one will ever give me a chance” “All we do is work, weekends are way too short” Do these sound like statements you have mad lately? No matter what negative things come out of your mouth, before you say them, they first occur in your mind. I didn’t realize just [...]

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Ways Your Job Can Help & Hurt Your Business

I’ve met many people who work a full-time job while also maintaining a business on the side. Most of these individuals have dreams of turning their side business into a full-time endeavor. Unfortunately, in many cases, a consistent income is needed to provide for themselves and their families, so quitting their job is out of [...]

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We Are So Much More Than Our Careers

When meeting new people one of the first questions that many ask is “What do you do”? The response is typically something centered around our jobs. I get it, we often spend so much of our time at work that we begin to associate our identity with it. I was very angry a while back. [...]

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How To Optimize Your Resume For ATS

If I were to give my wife a Butterfinger candy bar and a bunch of weeds for flowers, she probably wouldn’t be very happy with my gift. She loves white truffles and blue hydrangeas; if I gave her these instead she would undoubtedly be overjoyed. Everyone wants someone that knows them personally and takes the extra time [...]

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Why I Love Helping People To Find Happiness In Their Career

Our careers take up much of our time. They also have the ability to affect our entire lives in a positive or negative way. I’m passionate about helping people find the right career for them because of the impact it carries. I truly care about helping people and I am not driven by money. I [...]

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The Job Interview: 4 Practices That Should Be Eliminated

The Job Interview: 4 Practices That Should Be Eliminated Immediately Feb 1, 2016 440 views 31 Likes 5 Comments Share on LinkedIn Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Sometimes, I feel bad for people who are searching for employment these days. Lately, when I talk to clients that are seeking employment, they have nothing but [...]

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Long-term Employment: How To Format Your Resume

Long-term Employment: How To Format Your Resume Jan 19, 2016 Share on LinkedIn Share on Facebook Share on Twitter It’s true that most people are not staying employed at the same company for the majority of their careers. Nevertheless, on occasion, I still receive questions regarding how to format a resume, properly citing long-term employment. [...]

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The Power of Self – Learning

Pulse Channels Darius Harris MS, CPRW Owner Career SkyRocket LLC| Certified Professional Resume Writer| Career Coach Share on LinkedIn Share on Facebook Share on Twitter "Formal education will make you a living; Self-education will make you a fortune" Jim Rohn Degrees, certifications, and trainings are all very important for professional development. However, through my experience, [...]

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