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Automated Phone Interviews: Are You Kidding Me!

I know about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), we have all seen the canned automated responses when completing an application, I have seen the note at the bottom of job postings saying “please no calls”, but I have never heard of an automated phone interview. Is this where we have come in our world? Where a [...]

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If I Could Go Back To College, This Is What I Would Tell Myself

I am not one who looks back at the past and wish I could do things over. I believe that we learn from every experience, and from these experiences there are chances to grow. However, for the sake of helping college students to get ahead I will discuss some things that I would do differently [...]

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The Most Important Step to Career Success: Find Your Passion

I have worked with thousands of graduates in career services and hundreds of clients through my business Career SkyRocket LLC. I have seen firsthand just how important knowing what you are passionate about is to your career. People that take the time to get to know what they are passionate about and have clear direction, [...]

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Great Service Can’t Be Rushed

Great service should not be rushed. I have been gifted with the ability to be an effective one-on-one counselor, and a really good resume writer. Rather I am writing a resume, career coaching, creating or teaching a workshop, preparing someone for an interview, or helping someone build an online presence, I take great pride in [...]

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Employers say apply online and leave us alone, but will this really get your foot in the door?

I am old enough to remember when you could walk into a place of business, apply for a job, ask to speak with a manager, and actually speak to them directly about the open position. When I was a kid I was actually interviewed and hired for a job that I walked in and applied [...]

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Tips for a Successful Interview

1. Practice/Be Prepared – Make sure to research the company to find out more about the company’s culture and values. Practice with a professional or with a friend. Take plenty of resumes, a pen, and a note pad. Prepare at least five questions to ask during the interview. 2. Arrive early/Dress to Impress – If [...]

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How Your Attitude Can Keep You from Upward Mobility in Your Career

Some of the best advice I have received as it relates to my career was “You have to be the type of employee that everyone likes to work with and is known for accomplishing measurable positive results”. No one wants to work with someone who has a bad attitude. I have worked with many people [...]

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The Role Of A Career Coach

I like to compare a career coach to a basketball coach. Basketball coaches motivate, teach, push, give advice, recognize strengths and weaknesses hold players accountable, and ultimately get the best out of their players. Career coaches do very similar things with those who they are charged with serving. I don’t take a “cookie cutter” approach [...]

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5 Ways to Identify Your Strengths & Accomplishments

One of the hardest feats for many people to conquer is figuring out what their strengths are. I have seen countless resumes that are highly task based and when I try and pry for info about accomplishments and things that set them apart, it’s difficult to say the least. I often hear “ I don’t [...]

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Why a Degree Isn’t Enough to Guarantee You a Job: Employers Want More

Why a Degree Isn’t Enough to Guarantee You a Job: Employers Want More I have worked in career services in Higher Education for about three years now. I have also had the opportunity to work with many college graduates through my professional resume writing and career coaching service, CareerSkyRocket LLC. There is a common misconception [...]

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