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Are You Battle Tested?

“The sun always shines after the rain” Tanith Rice-Harris One of my favorite songs by the group New Edition is ‘Can You Stand the Rain’. The tune talks about how everyone loves sunny days but it also asks the question: can you stand the rain? We all love when things are going well in our [...]

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I Don’t Have Any Accomplishments For My Resume: I Just Did My Job.

The hardest part of producing great resumes for clients is pulling out the details about great things they did on their jobs. About 98% of resumes I receive for review are completely task oriented and not focused on highlighting the person’s accomplishments. Highlighting what you do well is very important to not just having a [...]

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Is Job Searching Really About Who You Know?

It’s all about who you know—we’ve all heard the saying as it relates to finding employment. While relationships are very important to getting a job, it may not be as much about who you know, but who you can get your resume in front of. Referrals are a very effective way of securing an interview [...]

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7 Reason Why You Might Not Have The Job You Want

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great people who have enlisted me to assist them in finding either employment or a promotion. Most times there are common themes that prevented these individuals from getting what they wanted. Below you will find the most common themes amongst these people as it relates to finding [...]

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Three Things To Eliminate From Your Resume Immediately

Your resume is a marketing piece that usually provides you one opportunity to make a great impression. Needless to say, ensuring that you send out your best is essential. Chances are, you will get a million different perspectives on resume writing from professional resume writers. The key is to make sure that your resume truly [...]

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I get a lot of questions about resumes especially the career summary area. Keeping in line with my non-traditional approach to resume writing, I will discuss how to add a “human voice” to your summary area that does not make you sound like a robot. I didn't come up with this style of resume, I [...]

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You Just Won the Lottery Jackpot: What’s Next For Your Career?

I love asking people if they won millions of dollars from playing the lottery what they would do for a career. The answers I’ve received have been awesome thus far. Most people say they would pay off debt, travel, spend time with family, give money to family and friends, support charities, and buy things they’ve [...]

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You Want Me To Do What? Am I Guaranteed A Position?

The cost of hiring the wrong employee is very high. With this being said, I understand why companies do a thorough interview process in an attempt to find the right candidates for open positions. However, some of the requests I have heard of from companies during the interview process is downright crazy! You want me [...]

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So You Want To Become A Career Coach: Here’s Some Tips To Help

Career coaches are a dime a dozen these days. In my opinion the field is being overly saturated simply because people think it’s an easy way to make some quick money. Some people assume that you can just proclaim yourself a career coach, start a website, write a few posts on LinkedIn, and the clients [...]

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What If I Don’t Have A “Dream” Job

One of my blog readers wrote me recently and her question was a really good one. She said that she did not want to work for anyone and does not want to waste time working for a company when she really just wants to write. Here’s her question: Dear Mr. Harris, "I’ve been following your [...]

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